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pechaflickr = the sound of random flickring

Can you improv a coherent presentation from images you have never seen? Pechaflickr is a mashup of pechakucha and powerpoint karaoke created by Alan Levine.

Enter a tag, press play, and see how well you can communicate a coherent message illustrated by 20 random flickr photos, each one on screen for 20 seconds. Advanced options let you change the number of images and/or the timing as well as use images just from the Flickr Commons.

Curious? I used pechaflickr to talk about pechaflickr. If you are making use of this, please share with me!

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we ignore the birdspace, bye

pechaflickr.netnotes and Q & A
source code licensed GPL3.0 and also placed into the public domain using CC0
now available in german
pechaflickr is a cogdog production: