The idea for pechaflickr came from my Five Card Flickr. I was asked if it could do a spontaneous pecha kucha type presentation. With some duct taping of PHP and jQuery using phpflickr and the Vegas Background Slideshow I was able to conjure this site.

You can download the code and run it on your own web site; see

Questions, Some Answers

I am a 5th grade teacher and my kids absolutely love pechaflikr. They have found a whole new way to look at vocabulary words.

Occasionally though, inappropriate pictures come up with our vocab words. Yesterday, our word was "era" and a Victoria Secret model came up in her bra and panties.

Is there a way we can use this wonderful fun game and censor some of the random pictures that may be inappropriate?

I understand your concern about the potential for inappropriate photos to come up. Pechflickr use the flickr search mechanism that uses only images marked as "safe" according to flickr; however this is completely dependent on the person who posts the photos to follow these guidelines.

You can report a photo that is in appropriate as detailed at How to Report Inappropriate Content on Flickr but that's really an after the fact act.

So to answer you, I cannot censor the photos that come in.

If you want to make completely sure that you have a safe set of images what I can suggest is to make you own pool (see the next question!)

Can I use pechaflickr to use only my own photos?

Certainly, if you use a tag that is unique to your photos. The way pechaflickr looks for random photos requires four times as many as the desired number for a round; so if you want to show 20 photos in a round of pechaflickr, you will need at least 80 photos that use the tag. You should also open the Advance options and uncheck the option for Unique Photo Owners (More variability) (this allows it to pick more than one photo from the same person).

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